Simple Science Juices is a community of enthusiastic, health conscious, friends. We work together to provide the best possible products and knowledge for healthy living. Our mission is to inspire wellness, and support customers with busy lives achieve optimal health. 

Every Simple Science employee has a wellness story of their own.
Ask them next time you are in the shop!

The founder of Simple Science Juices, Steve Spangler, was inspired by his personal experience health. Steve pursued a professional soccer career and at the time of his signing with the MLS team, Sporting Kansas City, he was on a host of medication to relieve symptoms of acid reflux, chronic sinusitis, chronic fatigue, allergies, ADHD, and asthma. Conventional medications were only treating his symptoms, they were not addressing the root cause. Through lifestyle changes and incorporating fresh cold-pressed juice, Steve was able to eliminate all medications, increase his physical energy, mental clarity, and overall vitality. Becoming healthy was his catalyst for creating Simple Science Juices and now Steve has committed his life and career to helping others discover wellness.


“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather, will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” —Thomas Edison