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Sugar Addict?


You’re eating a whole foods diet, you’re exercising regularly, and you’re even meditating—by all accounts you’ve brought your wellness A-game. And then someone offers you a cookie, and, as the saying goes, you crumble. If you’re someone who frequently grabs handfuls of candy from the candy bowl in the office, or eats healthy all day only to eat half a tub of ice cream once you get home, you may feel like you just don’t have enough will power to stop eating sugar. Why is it so hard?

The truth is, sugar cravings aren’t really a matter of will power at all. In fact, we’re programed to crave sweetness.  Historically, these cravings would drive us to eat large quantities of fruit in the summer and ensure our survival through the winter. But now, we have the option for sugar all year round, causing us to overeat, which can wreak havoc on our health, and our wellness goals.

So what’s a sugar junkie to do? Here are four ways to beat your archenemy: sugar cravings.

  1. Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable. One of the first steps to getting rid of cravings is to stop the rollercoaster ride that is the spiking and crashing of your blood sugar levels. The best way to balance your blood sugar is to include healthy fats (like nuts, seeds, avocado, and coconut oil), clean protein (vegan protein, grass fed/finished meat, dairy and eggs), and fiber (such as chia seeds and ground flax). These three will keep you full and slow the release of glucose to your blood stream, meaning no more 3pm crashes.
  2. Cut Back on Sugar and Grains. You probably saw this coming, but to stop craving sweets, you need to stop eating them. Swap out your go-to candy bar for dark chocolate or berries, and use stevia as a replacement for sugar in your coffee. Try baking with almond flour, coconut flour or cassava flour for when those brownie urges kick in—they’re low in sugar, lower in carbs and better able to fill you up after a few bites.
  3. Supplement Your Diet. Chromium is a trace mineral that helps to regulate blood sugar and prevent overeating. A high quality B vitamin complex is also a great daily addition as B vitamins are essential for blood glucose metabolism. Finally, a daily probiotic will help to replenish your healthy gut bacteria, which improve digestion, increase satiation and help eliminate cravings.
  4. Squat, Don’t Run. When it comes to exercise, trade up your cardio for weight bearing activities. Running will deplete glycogen storages, leaving you feeling hungry for sugar. Opt for activities like HIIT, isometrics (barre, pilates, yoga), or resistance training for a workout that will leave you feeling fit, without the crash.


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