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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Lacey Spallitta

Our mission is to inspire wellness, and support customers to achieve optimal health. This is something we strive toward daily. Our goal is to spread health and wellness throughout the community. Our team all has their own unique journey of discovering their health. Different struggles yet the same results of overcoming what stood in our way from living life to the fullest.

Not only do we see it with the Simple Science team, we see it in our customers. Individuals coming to our store facing their own journey. For some, juicing might be their first step to improving their health, for others its their next step. Regardless, we all have similar goals, we all want to be apart of the change. We want to feel different, we want to feel better, energized, full of life.

That’s the best part of our job, the people we get to connect with. That is how we met Lacey Spallitta, our first local spotlight. Lacey has been changing the lives of women locally and even reaching woman virtually through her online programs. Lacey is someone who discovered better and couldn’t keep it to herself, she wanted other women to feel as empowered as she does.

As a wife and a mother, she came up with a plan that is flexible and can bend to any schedule. “I want them to know how strong they really are. We need to set an example for our friends, families, and communities that living a healthy lifestyle is a blessing” says Spallitta. 

“You are a busy woman who wears several hats each day. Your husband, children, friends, community deserve to have you on you’re A-GAME. You deserve to feel your absolute best.” Does this relate to you? Does it relate to someone you know? Lacey’s 6-week online training program, FASTer Way To Fat Loss, might be the exact program you or a loved one needs!

Taking on the journey alone seems overwhelming and, at times, impossible. This program offers a community, a coach, and program that actually works. “You need a solution spelled out for you…one that tells you the why behind the what, and that gives you accountability, support, and guidance DAILY.” And the great news? Her next 6-week FASTer Way To Fat Loss program begins April 9th! Check out her website for more information on the program and more about Lacey’s incredible story!

We are so grateful our paths crossed with Lacey’s. We look forward to working with her more in the future as we continue sharing our stories and spreading health and wellness in our community!

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