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Cleansing FAQ

JUICE CLEANSES: Your Questions Answered

With all the people we’ve had taking part in our cleanses, we’ve also been getting a ton of questions about how juice cleanses work and what to expect. We’ve rounded up the most commonly asked questions we get so that we can best prepare you for a healthy (and fun!) juicing experience!

What are the health benefits of juice cleansing?

During a juice cleanse, you are consuming on average, twelve pounds of fresh, organic produce each day. More impressively, because the insoluble fiber has been removed during the juicing process, all the nutrition from these vegetables and fruits is easily bioavailable—meaning you are getting the benefits almost instantly. You also reap the health benefits of fasting: when your body isn’t focused on digestion, it can turn its attention to detoxification and cellular repair. Long-term benefits of intermittent fasting include weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity, decreased inflammation and a better stress response.

How long should I juice fast for/ when is the right time to fast?

The right time to fast is anytime you feel like you need it! For example, after a weekend getaway of drinking, a one-day cleanse can help bring balance back to the body. Meanwhile, a 3-day cleanse might be done after a season of indulging, like after the holidays. Long term fasting (anything 5 days and over) may be done for medical reasons, and is best done under the supervision of a health practitioner.

Should I work out while juice fasting?

During a juice cleanse, your body is dealing with internal stress, so you want to use this time to let your body rest and recover. If you do decide to workout, stick to low impact exercises, like yoga, light stretching or walking.

Can I keep drinking coffee/caffeine?

Breathe a sigh of relief: you don’t have to give up your morning cup of coffee during a juice cleanse. The reason? Because cleanses themselves put strain on the body, the last thing we want is for that effect to be compounded by symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.  If you are caffeine dependent (meaning you drink 4 cups or more of coffee daily), you can take this time to slowly limit your overall consumption, but save any drastic changes for after the cleanse—your body will thank you!

Will I be hungry?

This is totally dependent on the person! Some people find they are hungry at first, and then their hunger subsides, while others feel completely satiated from the juices from the start.

How will I feel during a juice cleanse?

Again, this is totally personal. While it is common to feel general flu-like symptoms the first time you start a juice cleanse, this depends a lot on the diet and lifestyle of the person doing the fast. Some people don’t have any such symptoms, and for most people, the effects only last a few days before they feel the benefits—like  increased energy and improved cognition. The only way to find out how you’ll feel is to give it a go!

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