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Drink Juice. Feel Awesome.

It’s real. It’s important. It’s real important.

This body you're in: it's the only one you've got. There's only one single, solitary YOU for all of time. That a pretty big deal. We tend to lose sight of that as busy little humans on planet earth.

With that comes an enormous amount of potential that you have the power to unleash. Here's the caveat: you've got to gas up with premium fuel if you want to optimize your awesome self. Enter: SSJ!

Let’s. Get. Psyched. About. JUICE.

Do you remember when juice wasn't a good idea? Neither do we.

Team Simple Science Juices has blossomed into a fanatical + passionate + driven + elite juicy gang that believes fervently in plant power and real foods: the abundance of nature's bounty and its ability to heal, nourish, balance, and amplify the overall wellness of your body.

This is really big-time stuff. We surely think so. You have been given this one precious life, so why not morph your body and mind into one gigantic big conglomerate of positive + healthy + good vibing + beaming energy? Juice can help get you there. (We know a great place! Now with three locations in Kansas City!)

How are Juice Doing? (bust out your very best caliente accent and say it with me!)

Juice, like any other thing that is gaining popularity in recent times, can be seen as a fad or a trendy happening rather than the pure and real way to elevate your life that it truly is. Cleansing and detoxing are integral aspects your overall wellness and state of health; it's not about depriving yourself. It's 109 percent about overwhelming your system with a multitude of vitamins, minerals and longevity-promoting nutrients.

Though the juice-bashing discussion is real and is happening, we think it’s downright silly. Here’s why: juicing in it pure form promotes health, boosts health and acts as a catalyst for you to get healthier the second that you take your first sip. No fads. No gimmicks. No shortchanging your body. Juicing floods your body with nutrients in a hurry.

Overwhelming your body with a boatload of phytonutrients, enzymes and powerful plant compounds is how your body was made to heal, maintain balance, thrive and naturally keep extra weight off. This is the road to the healthiest you. Plants. Forget about the synthetic, chemical-ridden, toxic pills and medications that money-hungry pharm companies want you to buy into.

Doesn’t it make sense to you that nature has the cure? Plants are a no brainer—they should make up a large part of your diet, regardless of your current health state. There is always room for improvement and it is never too late to pour some juicy goodness into your system.

Why Cold Press Though, Bro?

Think about it this way: you have this big, beautiful bounty of fresh fruits and veggies at your disposal. Perhaps you just hauled home a load from the farmers market or wiped out the produce section of Whole Foods. You then want to get those hearty nutrients into your system. Cold pressing them is the best way to retain the nutrient content of the plants so that your body can readily absorb, digest, assimilate and utilize them.

We jump at the chance to expound upon the WHY behind our choice to use a cold press juicer. It's not the easy way out. It's not a short cut. It’s not more convenient than making juice to order. It’s the purest way and it's a more expensive & extensive process. Would we have it any other way? Sure wouldn't. It's a priviledge of a lifetime to have access to beautiful + wholesome food. Plant power: engage!

For us, it's a no brainer. Cold pressing is the most efficient way to extract the nutrient-rife juice from plants. We are proud of this process; one that is happening every day here at Simple Science. It fills our storefront with subliminally intoxicating aromas, eliminating the need for air freshener and increasing the prevalence of big smiles and happy lungs in the shop.

Juice is Perishable (and should be!)

Real food goes bad. Real food has a shelf life. If it doesn’t have a shelf life, that’s typically a solid indicator that the food item is chock full of preservatives. That said, we try to have juice the biggest lifetime we can by cold pressing. The three things that cause a juice to oxidize (or lose freshness) are exposure to:


-Ultraviolet rays (light)


Cold pressing effectively combats these three juice villains and produces the heartiest, most phytonutrient-rich juice you can get your hands on. Especially when compared to juice that gets dispersed by a centrifugal juicer, cold pressed juice boasts a longer shelf life simply by way of the process we use (not by use of preservatives or other such mumbo jumbo). We fill each bottle to the brim (the brimmiest brim job that ever brimmed) to insure that oxidation doesn't kick into high gear. The entire cold pressing process results in a finished product that contains:

-Less foam (which means a longer shelf life and less oxidation)

-Highly absorbable plant enzymes, compounds and phytochemicals

-An abundant nutrient profile that can be quickly assimilated and integrated into your bloodstream

Still have a bazillion questions fluttering through your mind about juice, our process, healthy living? Or maybe you simply want to share your enthusiasm for making good use of your peppy, healthy body? Come into one (or all three..Juice Bar Hopping?!) of our storefronts. We seriously, seriously, seriously, and berry happily would love to have you. Come experience some plant power and insanely high doses of good vibrations.

Wonder what team SSJ thinks about juice?

"Drinking cold pressed juice for me, is a way of honoring my body. It sends a message to my entire system saying 'I am providing you with the nutrients you need to function at your maximum capacity.' "- Mariah Bailey: District Manager of SSJ

"I love things juice that taste like grass because it's like an explosion of earth in my mouth. Juicing gives me that little anabolic edge we're all secretly seeking, but not willing to pay a big fine and get banned from our sport for. Drinking cold-pressed juice makes me feel stronger and sexier than I actually am." -Chad Huston: our Head of Lettuce + Company Culture

"Cold-pressed organic juice is literally what keeps me running! I juice the first half of the day (every-day) and my body now craves it. The feeling of flooding your cells with thoooousands of living vitamins and nutrients is addicting. Sorry milk, but JUICE is what really does the body good! Calcify is my favorite---because avocado." -Jacquelyn Williams: Marketing + Events + Pineapple

"I feel physically and mentally better when fueling with the nutrients in SSJ cold pressed juice. It's like confidence in a bottle :) The deliciousness is a huge bonus! I love having a place I trust to refer clients! Not only do I know they'll leave with a nutrient dense meal or snack but I know they'll be taken care of by the awesome SSJ team!
My current favorite it Iron--love the jalepeno kick!" -Robyn Johnson, MS, RDN, LD


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