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With summer just around the corner, you may have noticed the surge in juice cleanse popularity: it seems everyone is snapping Instagram pics of their favorite green juice in hand, all in the name of good health. Juicing has gone mainstream, and with good reason: it’s chockfull of nutrition, and more importantly, it tastes delicious. If you’ve been on the fence about juicing, or if you’re a juice-lover but you’re not sure why it’s good for you, then read on for the top four reasons you should start sipping away.

  1. Gut Health + Digestion. When you do a juice fast, you’re essentially consuming about 12lbs of fresh produce without any of the insoluble fiber. This means that your gut doesn’t have to work at breaking down the food, so you get all the nutrients and liquid directly to your blood stream, without any stress on your digestion. If gut health is your focus, choose juices that contain pineapple or ginger, both of which work to stimulate digestive juices and eliminate bloating.
  2. Liver Recovery. Our liver is one of the most important in our bodies—it’s needed for everything from detoxification to metabolic function to immunity. And the truth is, no matter how healthy you are, our modern day lifestyles are hard on our liver. Everyday it’s working to clear our bodies of the chemicals we ingest (like pesticides from our food and ingredients in our skin care products), electromagnetic radiation and environmental pollution. Feeling sluggish and tired are good signs that your liver may need to rest. Juice fasting allows your liver to recover by nourishing it with fresh, organic produce—free of harmful pesticides and herbicides—that are immediately absorbed into the body. Vegetables like beets, lemons and apples are all high in antioxidants that work to improve liver function.
  3. Reduced Appetite. If you’ve ever done a juice cleanse, you know this to be true: you become much more attuned to your body’s eating cycle. By allowing your body this temporary break, you give it the opportunity to reset, and you tap into your body’s intuition. You become a more mindful eater, and you realize that you’re not always hungry when reaching for that 10 am muffin. If you feel like you can’t understand your body’s hunger signals or that you’re always snacking out of boredom, a juice cleanse can help you find balance, while remaining highly nutritious.
  4. Boost in Energy. Your body spends a lot of its energy digesting food, which can you leave you feeling sleepy and fatigued—just think of how tired you are after a hearty Thanksgiving dinner. A juice cleanse provides you with a high dose of nutrients, but without the effort required to consume it. There’s also the hydration factor: the water content of juice can also negate the fatigue, brain fog and low mood associated with even mild dehydration. This often leads to a jolt in energy and clarity of mind. Although some people may feel lethargic the first few days of a juice cleanse, the effects are temporary, and often a result of withdrawal symptoms from caffeine, alcohol, sugar or processed foods.

While a juice cleanse is certainly not a cure all, it’s definitely part of a healthy lifestyle. What do you think: are you ready to try a juice cleanse? Or if you’re a juice-fanatic, what’s your favorite flavor combination? Let us know in the comments below!

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