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Juicing at Home


If you would like to try juicing at home we recommend that you use a cold-press juicer. With a cold-press or masticating juicer you can make large batches of juice 2-5 days in advance. Compared to using a centerfugal juicer which exposes the juice to heat and oxygen so you must consume the juice right away.
Two notable brands are Kuvings and Hurom. The Kuvings juicer allows you to juice whole fruits, reducing the oxidation that occurs when you cut fruit into pieces to fit in smaller juicers. The Hurom juicer slowly masticate the fruit not using blades in order to extract the maximum amount of nutrients.

Buying Produce

Where to buy: Always buy organic produce from either your local farmers market or organic grocery store. To reduce cost and add variety, select the organic items that are on sale that week. Typically grocery stores will do that for the items in season due to the decrease in cost on their end.

What produce to buy: The best fruits and vegetables to juice are ones with a hard skin such as apples, papaya, oranges, pineapple, tomatoes, beets and leafy greens. When choosing what produce to juice pick those on the lower glycemic index, meaning they have less natural sugars and won’t cause a spike in your blood sugar. Buy what is in season, not only will it be fresher but cheaper as well!

How much to buy: In order to produce 1 cup of fresh pressed juice it various on how much produce is needed, but a rough estimate is typically 1lb of produce per 8oz of liquid. Once you begin juicing you can test how much juice your particular juicer produces based on the amount of produce.




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